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I am an Australian girl, travelling alone and I need advice on visa requirements eg Schengen

To whom it may concern,

My name is Katherine Keane, i'm a 21 year old Australian Citizen currently holidaying in Italy and planning to continue travel across Europe.

I arrived in Paris, France on the 1st of July and in Tuscany, Italy on the 2nd of July. I am currently staying with an Italian host family until August the 18th. I will then be travelling to Paris until the 5th of September and to Dublin, Ireland on the 6th of September until the 20th. I plan to return to France and use my Pre paid Eurorail Global Pass (a 3 month unlimited pass across Europe) through Belguim, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Berlin, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and arrive in Norway on the 15th of December until the 1st of January. On January 2nd I was planning to go to London to work in the UK.

This is a brief description of my itinerary but I now have concerns about my visa.

I was aware that my entry into France was automatically assigned to a Schengen visa, valid for 90 days. Prior to leaving Australia, I asked 2 different travel agencies what the terms of a Schengen visa were. Both travel agents assured me that if I left the Schengen area after on the 90th day, and reentered after a week or two, I would be granted another 90 days. I was also assured that during my travel, I could apply for a working holiday visa for whatever country as long as I was not in that country at the time of the application. I have now arrived in Europe and have now find out that I will only be granted a total of 90 days WITHIN 180 days.

I have 7,500 Euro in savings, so I am eligible to apply for a working visa in almost any country in Europe but many applications state that they must be submitted in the country for which I am a citizen (in Canberra, Australia).

I am very concerned as to the implications of both the length of my stay and the requirements for visa applications. I would appreciate any time you could take to give me advice on what I could do in order to continue a 6 month holiday, how I can apply for working holiday visas and if I am eligible to receive a working holiday visa in a given country, am I still able to continue travelling for 3 months throughout the rest of Europe on a working holiday visa for a different country.

Again, any advice would be VERY appreciated as I am very nervous and finding it difficult to find the right answers.

I look forward to your response,

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